Flash «Eyes» by Heléne at Studio Bläck


Our finished disposable sheets with fake tattoos are approximately 20×15 cm large and filled with the design you see in the picture.o ensure your satisfaction, we will print and send the sheet within 24 hours after you have ordered. This sheet is designed by the talented tattoo artist Heléne at Studio Bläck.

This is Heléne: Tattoo artist from Sweden, who LOVEs tattoos and tattooing. The process of making the idea’s of my client into a tattoo is the most inspirational way of creating art. Because of this, I tattoo all styles. From bold line Old-School to Photo Realism. What fits my client’s vision, personality and style. When it comes to small tattoos I like simple designs with a nice flow. Classic fine lines and maybe a dash of colour. The beauty lies in the small details in life. As in tattoos. I hope you enjoy these tattoo flash-sheets. And feel free to hashtag Like Ink and me when you post your temporary tattoos on social media. I hope to see you at Studio Bläck in the enchanting forest’s of Värmland.

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Studio Bläck


Storgatan 33, 667 30 FORSHAGA

Hemsida: studioblack.se